The ATPL-IR integrated course is the highest qualification available under European aviation law and aims to train the pilot to the level of competence necessary to safely operate multi-engine helicopters with instrument flight privileges.

With this Coptering course, you can directly access the highest level of training without any intermediate step and in the most efficient way, immediately accessing the widest and best professional opportunities.

It is a course that includes theoretical and practical aspects that are taught in a coordinated way to make the most of the knowledge obtained in both fields.

Theoretical classes are held in our classrooms located at Sabadell Airport.

Flight practices are carried out from the Sabadell Airport, with new helicopters, the Cabri G2 model, with the latest generation design and technology for greater learning and safety, and an AS355N twin-turbine helicopter certified for instrument flight.

The Coptering simulator is an FNPT II of the H-135 suitable for conducting MCC, IR and PBN training. Ideal for practicing emergency procedures.



  • 775hrs of face-to-face theoretical class in our Sabadell Airport Classrooms
  • Subjects:
      1. Air law
      2. Structure, systems and power plant
      3. Instrumentation
      4. Loading and centering
      5. Flight planning and supervision
      6. Helicopter Performance
      7. Human actions and limitations
      8. Meteorology
      9. General Navigation
      10. Radio navigation
      11. Operating procedures
      12. Principles of flight
      13. Communications
  • Exams at our school. Once the theoretical hours corresponding to each subject have finished, an internal exam will be carried out. Once this test has been passed, the student will be presented to the official exams. Failure to pass the internal exams will be a reason for not presenting to the officials, and the student must receive additional theoretical instruction (at his / her expense) to be able to attend a subsequent call.
  • Official exams in a center accredited by AESA


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