Our fleet

Coptering has the latest generation aircraft such as 2 units of the popular two-seater model Cabri G2 by Guimbal and two Airbus AS355n, a benchmark in terms of safety and efficiency.


Renowned for its high level of safety, luxury and efficiency, the AS355n is a premium choice for exclusive charter flights.

This multi-functional aircraft can be used for a wide variety of tasks including: professional pilot training, instrument flying, VIP charter, aerial filming, police work and more.
It has two turbine engines and all its systems are duplicated, providing maximum flight safety.


The Cabri G2 is a state-of-the-art two-seater helicopter designed by the best engineers especially for training. It has a fully articulated 3-bladed main rotor and a fenestron tail rotor, making it the safest helicopter in its category (MTOW helicopters under 1 ton).


Our helicopter simulator provides additional training for professional pilots (instrument flight procedures, emergency and multi-cockpit cooperation) and training in SAR missions, HEMS, firefighting, rescue, police and offshore operations.)

This simulator is certified by EASA to provide multiple courses (IR, MCC, PBN, ATPL, IRI, among others).


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