Integrated helicopter pilot licence (IATPL-H)

Recommended for those who want to obtain the highest degree of professional helicopter pilot commercial license. Allows to act as a professional pilot of single and multi-engine helicopters in VFR and IFR conditions in single and multi-pilot operation.


The integrated commercial pilot course aims to train pilots for operations in twin-engine and multi-pilot helicopters limited to VFR privileges in commercial air transport.

It is a course that includes theoretical and practical aspects that are taught in a coordinated way to make the most of the knowledge obtained in both fields.

Theoretical classes are held in our classrooms located at Sabadell Airport.

Flight practices are carried out from the Sabadell Airport, with new helicopters, the Cabri G2 model, with the latest generation design and technology for greater learning and safety, and an AS355N twin-turbine helicopter certified for instrument flight.

The Coptering simulator is an FNPT II of the H-135 suitable for conducting MCC, IR and PBN training. Ideal for practicing emergency procedures.


  • 17 years old.
  • Baccalaureate degree. Or pass tests of level of academic formation in our school.
  • Class I medical certificate.

  • Theoretical training

    It consists of 675 hrs of face-to-face theoretical class in our Sabadell Airport Classrooms.

    First slide


    01.- Air law.

    02.- Structure, systems and power plant.

    03.- Instrumentation.

    04.- Loading and centering.

    05.- Flight planning and supervision.

    06.- Helicopter Performance.

    07.- Human actions and limitations.

    08.- Meteorology.

    09.- General Navigation.

    10.- Radionavegación.

    11.- Operating procedures.

    12.- Principles of flight.

    13.- Communications.
  • has been passed, the student will be presented to the official exams.

  • Failure to pass the internal exams will be a reason for not presenting to the officials, and the student must receive additional theoretical instruction (at his / her expense) to be able to attend a subsequent call.

  • Official exams in a center accredited by AESA.
  • Flight Training

  • 110 hrs with Cabri G2.
  • 5 hrs with AS355N.
  • 35 hrs simulator H-135 FNPT II.

  • Duration

  • 15 months approximately.

  • Licenses obtained

  • CPL on license.
  • Theoretical ATPL frozen.
  • AS355N twin turbine rating.
  • MCC certificate.

  • Professional outings

    Emergencies (HEMS), rescue (sea or mountain), fires, police (traffic), filming, line monitoring (gas or electricity), instruction, ...

    General information

  • In order to register, it will be necessary to sign a training contract and pay the registration fee.
  • We have different systems and payment and financing facilities adapted to the circumstances of each student.
  • The school offers different accommodation options for students.
  • Once the course is completed and the corresponding license is obtained, Coptering students may receive, if they wish, advice and preparation for access to the selection tests and job exchanges of the different national and international Air Companies, according to their interests and preferences.

  • Our Fleet

    At Coptering we own the latest generation of Helicopters.

    Guimbal Cabri G2

    The Cabri G2 is a last generation two-seater helicopter designed by the best engineers especially for training.
    It has a fully articulated 3-blade main rotor and a fenestron-type tail rotor that make it the safest helicopter in its class (MTOW helicopters less than 1 ton).

    Airbus AS355n

    Renowned for its high level of safety, luxury and efficiency, the AS355n is a premium option for exclusive charter flights.

    This multifunctional aircraft can be used in a wide variety of tasks including: professional pilot training, instrument flight training, VIP charter flights, aerial filming, police work, among others.
    It has two turbine engines and all the remaining systems duplicated, these gives the maximum safety for the flights.

    AIRBUS H135 FNTP II MCC Simulator

    Our simulator provides additional training for professional pilots (instrument flight procedures, emergencies and multiple cabin crew cooperation) and training for SAR, HEMS, fire fighting, rescue, police and offshore operations).

    This simulator is certified by EASA to teach multiple courses (IR, MCC, PBN, ATPL, IRI, among others).


    By filling in the form we will contact you via e-mail. If you wish to be contacted by phone, indicate it in the message with a preferred time.

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