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Would you like to be a private helicopter pilot or commercial pilot?

Today, being a helicopter pilot it´s highly demanded and when you accumulate a good number of hours is a highly payed job. But first of all let’s see the differences that there may be between being a private helicopter pilot or a commercial helicopter pilot.

Private Pilot PPL (H)

Being a private helicopter pilot means, and as its name suggests, you can´t work on it, so you can only be a pilot on a personal and non-profit level. This license is usually focused on those people who like to fly and who have it as a hobby but do not want to dedicate themselves professionally to it. To obtain this license you must take 100 hours of theoretical classes, 40 hours of flight and 5 hours of simulator.

Commercial Pilot ICPL (H)

In this case, the license already allows us to use it as a paid job and we can transport passengers. But it should be noted that the license obtained will only be valid for mono pilot helicopters weighing up to 4,000 kg, not being valid for multi-pilot helicopters or more than 4,000 kg. The course consists on 350 hours of theoretical knowledge, 110 hours of flight and 25 hours of simulator.

ATPL (H) Airline transport pilot.

This course gives you the highest degree and today helicopter companies are hiring pilots who have this degree. Unlike the previous ICPL with this license, you will be able to fly helicopters weighing over 4,000 kg. Without a doubt it is the most recommended for those people who want to dedicate themselves to it. The requirements to obtain this license will be first of all to have the PPL (H) license (discussed above), perform a theoretical part of 614 hours, perform 113.5 flight hours of Log Book Building and perform 25 flight hours and 10 hours on the simulator.

Coptering recently has been authorized to offer the maximum course that exists, the ATPL/IR (H) Course

This course allows us to have the maximum degree possible and also, at the end of the course we will also have the instrumental flight rating, the AS355N rating, approved all the ATPL (H) theory and we will also obtain the MCC course. This course is recommended to all those who want to devote full time to the course and have freedom of time, to put a simile would be like getting a degree at a University, but in less time, in 2.5 years you can have it all done.


Requirements for starting the courses.

In the case of a private pilot license you have to be 17 years old, and in the case of commercial pilot the minimum age will be 18 years.

Class 1 medical certificate for commercial pilots and class 2 for private pilots.

If you are a foreign student, you will have to take a language proficiency test.


Why i have to do my pilot course at Coptering?

The course is carried out with a Cabri G2 Helicopter purchased by Coptering new from factory. We do the course at Sabadell Airport (international airport) ideal to train radio communications.

The Cabri G2 is the safest helicopter worldwide in its category (helicopters weighing less than 1 ton).

Coptering has one of the best simulators worldwide based on the Airbus H135

Coptering is the exclusive distributor of the Cabri G2 for Spain.

Coptering owns an IFR Twin-turbine helicopter from the manufacturer AIRBUS, an AS355N IFR model.

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