In Coptering we teach the Helicopter IR Course whose main objective is to train pilots to operate helicopters in IFR and IMC.
The applicant must hold a PPL (H) with night flight rating, a CPL (H) or an ATPL (H).
Before starting the instruction phase on the aircraft of the IR (H) course, the
Applicant must be the holder of the rating of the AS355N, or have approved the training
of the rating of said type.
The course consists of 150 hours of theoretical knowledge instruction, to holders
of an ATPL (H) the theoretical knowledge instruction time will be reduced to 100 hours.
Another option is to take the course with distance learning, which consists of 135 hours of theoretical distance learning with access to a distance learning platform and 18 contact hours in Coptering.
The flight part consists of 40 hours in our FNTPII simulator, 5 hours of flight in Cabri G2 and 10 hours of flight in biturbine AS355N.

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