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How to become a private helicopter pilot?

Many are the people who love to fly and more specifically to do it by helicopter, which is why they choose to get the private pilot license of helicopter PPL (H). This license does not serve to dedicate yourself in a professional manner to it, since you can not get paid for driving, but if you want to make your passion a hobby.

Once you get the license and if you want to fly with some kind of helicopter, you will only have to get the habilitation of that helicopter. For example, if you get the license in Coptering, the rating you will get is that of the Cabri G2, which is the helicopter that we use to develop the entire course.

Here we will list all the steps and requirements necessary to obtain the license:


  • Be over 17 years old
  • Dispose of the medical certificate of Class 2
  • Disposing of the baccalaureate

Steps to follow:

– The course consists of 100 hours of obligatory theoretical classes broken down as follows:

  • Air Legislation and ATC procedures 12 h
  • General Aircraft Knowledge 23 h
  • Performance and planning 5 h
  • Factors Humans 7 h
  • Meteorology 14 h
  • Navigation 14 h
  • Operational Procedures 9 h
  • Flight Principles 7 h
  • Communications 9 h

– 40 flight hours

– 5 hours simulator

If you are thinking of becoming a helicopter pilot, do not hesitate to contact us and we will inform you of the start of our courses .

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