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Helicopter Pilot Courses in Barcelona


Barcelona has an awesome weather for a flight school. For instance, there are 360 flyable days a year in Barcelona. This is a strong reason why many aspiring helicopter pilots choose Barcelona to get their professional helicopter pilot license. Moreover, that’s also the reason why many Pilot Schools choose Barcelona for their headquarters.

In addition, Barcelona is also a great place to be when it comes to take the needed break. Its cosmopolitan character, its prime location on the shores of the Mediterranean and its gastronomical and cultural offer make the Catalan capital a great place to live, work and study.

In summary:

Furthermore, at Coptering we will walk you through the process of applying for a visa, getting a residence permit and finding a comfy accommodation. In other words, we will make you feel at home during your stay so that you fly and live in the most comfortable way possible.

This is probably why more than half of our students come from abroad.

In conclusion, if you are thinking of studying abroad to get your helicopter pilot license, you definitely need to consider Barcelona.

Get ready to discover Barcelona, Spain and the South of Europe. Get in touch and let’s arrange a visit. We’ll be more than happy to show you our facilities and Sabadell Airport.

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