COPTERING Flight Academy

Part-time Helicopter Pilot Courses

Modular Helicopter Pilot Courses


At Coptering, we focus on the training of professional helicopter pilots. Our Flight Academy has its own helicopter fleet.

To accommodate for the different students needs and availabilities, we teach courses in different modalities: Integrated or full‑time CoursesModular Courses (or part‑time courses, in this page) and Advanced Courses for pilots that already have a license and want to further progress in their pilot career.

Modular Pilot Courses share the following main traits:

  • step-by-step approach from ab initio to your license. You’ll begin by PPL theory, flying and skill test, after which you’ll become a private pilot.
  • Then, you’ll do “hour building” and the theory of the 14 ATPL  subjects.
  • Following the successful completion of the prior, you’ll do the CPL training and IR rating.
  • A modular program does not necessarily include an MCC


At Coptering Flight Academy, you can train for the following licenses: