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Integrated ATPL(H) Course

Integrated ATPL(H) Course

The Helicopter Airline Transport Pilot License ATPL(H) course is aimed at people without prior flight experience that wish to pursue the highest professional helicopter pilot license available

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Integrated ATPL(H) Course

Integrated ATPL(H) Course


The course is aimed at those with previous flying experience who want to obtain the maximum licensed professional level that exists today.

Course Description

The objective of this integrated ATPL(H) course is to train the pilot to the level of competency required to safely operate multi-engine single pilot helicopters and obtain the Commercial Pilot License with the multi-engine AS355N tyye rating.


The students shall comply with the following requisites:

  • Class 1 medical certificate
  • Be at least 17 years old
  • Bachelor degree or equivalent
  • Students can start the course without previous experience or as holders of a PPL(H). Students holding a PPL(H), will be credited 50% of the corresponding flight time, up to a maximum of:
    • 40 hours, of which up to 20 can be instruction in double command, or
    • 50 hours, of which up to 25 can be instruction in double command, if the night flight rating has been obtained on a helicopter.

Course Duration

  • From 12 to 36 months depending upon student availability

Course Structure

  • Theoretical Knowledge Ground School:  650h
  • Cabri G2 Helicopter Training: 105h
  • Twin-turbine helicopter Training: 10h
  • FNTP II MCC Simulator Training: 35h including MCC course

Upon completion of the instruction, the student will be required to take the CPL(H) proficiency test and the IR(H) proficiency test on an IFR-certified twin-engine helicopter.


Course Info

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