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The AIRBUS AS355N (also known as Twin Squirrel) is a light twin-turbine helicopter originally manufactured by the French company Aérospatiale, now part of the Airbus Group, as a twin-engine version of the single-engine model AS350 Écureuil, giving greater security in the transport of external cargo and passengers. AS355’s excellent performance includes high load capability and fast cruising speeds.

It is also ideal for the Helicopter School due to its twin engine and IFR capabilities.

Passenger transportation 1 pilot + 6 passengers (high capacity version)
Empty Weight 1700 kg
Maximum TakeOff Weight 2600 kg
Payload 900 Kg
Vne (S.L.) Never exceed Speeed 150 kt (278 km / h)
Cruise Speed 122 kt (226 km / h)
Autonomy at 122 kts 380 Nm (703 km)
Maximum flight time at 55 kts 4.5 hours
Maximum fuel capacity 730 liters
Motors (Bi-turbine) 2 Turbomeca Arrius 1A
Maximum Emergency Power (OEI 2.5 minutes) 510 hp (1 engine)
Power 912 hp (2 engines)

Cabri G2

The Cabri G2 is an EASA certified helicopter that complies with EASA CS-27 and FAR-27.

Its three carbon fiber blades, the high main rotor inertia and its Fenestron tail rotor give it excellent autorotation characteristics and an unparalleled safety record. Combined with the low maintenance costs the Cabri G2 makes one of the best helicopters for training.

Empty Weight 420 kg
Maximum TakeOff Weight 700 kg
Payload 280 Kg
Vne (S.L.) Never Exceed Speed 130 kt (240 km / h)
Maximum Speed ​​(ISA SL) 100 kt (185 km / h)
85% cruise speed 90 kt (166 km / h)
IGE stationary height (700 kg) 5000 ft
IGE stationary height (2×77 kg + fuel 2 hrs) 7500 ft
85% Autonomy (15 min reserve) 380 NM (700 km)
Maximum flight time at 50 kts (without reserves) 5 hours 40 minutes
100% noise level (certified) 75.7 dB SEL
Maximum fuel capacity 170 liters (45 Gal. US)
Powerplant Lycoming O360-J2A
Maximum Continuous Power 160 hp

EC-135 FNPT II MCC Simulator

The Entrol H11 is a FNPT II MCC based on the EC-135. The cockpit, systems, procedures and flight behavior have been simulated so pilots can have the feeling of flying the real EC-135 during their training.

Simulator based on the EC-135 with Entrol’s lastest technology

  • Helicopter EC-135 P2+
  • Glass cockpit
  • Flight control coding system in cyclic and pedals with digitally controlled engines
  • 3 axis autopilot with upper modes
  • CAD, VEMD and FLI
  • Radar: Wx and ARA
  • Offshore operation systems: Adelt, AHRS
  • FMS based on CDU UNS-1D
  • GTN 750
  • Tests flights performed on the EC-135 for the validation data
  • Capability to adapt to the customer’s EC-135 cockpit configuration
  • Digital audio matrix for COM simulation
  • TCPIP Sensing Technology

Cylindrical Visual 180º x 40º MCC compliant

  • Cylindrical structure with a FOV of 180º x 40º MCC compliant
  • Full HD Projectors (1920 x 1080)
  • Warping and edge blending software

Enclosed instructor station with two 24″ touch screens

  • Dual 24″ touch screens
  • Teach your pilots with no distractions
  • Easy interface
  • Additional folding seat
  • Automatic QTG’s

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Coptering is an helicopter company authorized by AESA (Spanish Aviation Safety State Agency). Founded in 2011 by Daniel and Monica, Coptering started its activity as exclusive distributor of the Cabri G2 helicopter for Spain in 2013, rated the best helicopter for training that exists nowadays because of his safety, design, low sound level and efficiency.

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