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Differences between the CPL (H) license and the ATPL (H)

Many are the students who come to Coptering and don’t know very well the differences between helicopter licenses CPL (H) and ATPL (H), we will make a short explanation about this differences.

Let’s start by explaining the ATPL (H):

Considered the maximum course for helicopter pilot, being able to take any kind of helicopter (multipilot and monopilot) and without helicopter weight limit. The best helicopter companies in Europe are hiring pilots who hold this courses.

Within this license we can differentiate between two types:

ATPL (H) modular Distance Learning, which tries to carry out the course in person and remotely (mayority) and where the PPL license is obtained (H) – Private helicopter pilot, the CPL license (H) – Commercial pilot of helicopter and the approved ATPL (H) theorists.

ATPL-IR (H) recommended for those people who want to obtain the maximum license in a continuous way, because all the theoretical part is offered in person. One of the bigger differences of the previous one is that once the course is completed, you will obtain instrumental flight rating, the MCC course and the type rating of a mutiturbine helicopter, for example our AS355N.

Next we will explain the CPL (H):

Here we can also differentiate between the CPL (H) and the CPL-IR (H)

CPL (H) Integrated pilot commercial license, this license will allow us to pilot single pilot helicopters weighing up to 4,000 kg, but not multi pilot over that weight. It is also done in person in its entirety and if once completed and approved the course you want to choose to have the ATPL (H) you will need to do again and examine all the theoretical part.

CPL-IR (H) with this license we obtain the same as the previous one, unlike here we will also be the holders of the instrumental flight rating and the qualification of a multiturbine helicopter.

If you still have doubts you can contact us and we will help you with all you need to decide which license is best for you.

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