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EC-135 FNPT II MCC Simulator


The Entrol H11 is a FNPT II MCC based on the EC-135. The cockpit, systems, procedures and flight behavior have been simulated so pilots can have the feeling of flying the real EC-135 during their training.

Simulator based on the EC-135 with entrol’s lastest technology

  • Helicopter EC-135 P2+
  • Glass cockpit
  • Flight control coading system in cyclic and pedals with digitally controlled engines
  • 3 axis autopliot with upper modes
  • CAD, VEMD and FLI
  • Radar: Wx and ARA
  • Offshore operation systems: Adelt, AHRS
  • FMS based on CDU UNS-1D
  • GTN 750 optional
  • Tests flights performed on the EC-135 for the validation data
  • Capability to adapt to the customer’s EC-135 cockpit configuration
  • Digital audio matrix for COM simulation
  • TCPIP Sensing Technology

Cylindrical Visual 180º x 40º MCC compliant

  • Cylindrical structure with a FOV of 180º x 40º MCC compliant
  • Full HD Projectors (1920 x 1080)
  • Warping and edge blending software

simulador Visual cilíndrico 180º x 40º

Entrol HD Visual

HDvisual logo

  • Satellite imagery
  • Special effects (Waves, water reflection, white-out,…)
  • Terrain with a resolution of 16 meters per pixel
  • Weather conditions can be activated & modified on real time

entrol HD visual 10

Enclosed instructor station with two 24″ tactile screens

  • Dual 24″ tactile screens
  • Teach your pilots with no distractions
  • Easy interface
  • Additional folding seat
  • Automatic QTG’s

FNPT II MCC certified

It complies with the CS-FSTD(H) FNPT II MCC normative requirements to be used in the official training programs:

  • PPL / IR / ME
  • CPL / ATPL
  • MCC
  • PBN training: LNAV/VNAV & LPV procedures


A solid and proven simulator for your initial & advanced training

  • Ab-initio, IFR & Navigation
  • Multi-crew cooperation
  • Glass cockpit transition & advanced systems training (FMS, GTN,..)
  • Situation awareness, CRM and decision making
  • EC-135 specific training (Cockpit familiarization, procedures,…)


Mission training

We offer you the following additional options to practice operations such as SAR or HEMS

  • entrol mission (SAR, EMS, Patrol, Offshore and Fire Fighting)
  • Vibration system
  • Customized high resolution databases