Cabri G2 vs Robinson R22


Which of these two great two-seaters makes a better training platform?

Manufactured by Robinson Helicopter Company, the Robinson R22 is a light, two-seater helicopter with a naturally aspirated piston engine, a semi-rigid two-blade main rotor and a two-blade tail rotor.

The main rotor has a tilting hinge and two cone hinges. The tail rotor has only one swinging hinge.

The R22 received its FAA certification in 1979. Its low inertia two-blade rotor requires a very light touch to avoid over-reacting to its very sensitive controls.

The Cabri G2 helicopter is manufactured by Helicopters Guimbal. Also a two-seater, the Cabri has a three-blade main rotor and fenestron-type tail rotor. It is equipped with a 180-horsepower Lycoming engine, derated to 145 hp.

The G2 maiden flight took place in 2005. Ever since that first flight, its design and avionics have been very well received by pilots and instructors alike. Its development was preceded by a prototype –the Cabri G1– which flew for the first time in 1992.

The maintenance costs of the Cabri are claimed to be lower, in part due to only three components on the rotorcraft being time-limited, all others being condition-limited instead. The cost per overhaul of the Cabri is half of that of the R22.

Like many other helicopter flight schools, we at Coptering Flight Academy have chosen the G2 because of the increased safety of its high-inertia three-blade rotor and the modern avionics package by Garmin. In addition, the G2 provides an easier transition for our students when it comes to start flying larger machines. Equally important, the cabin’s safety cage offers much greater protection to its pilots in the rare event of an accident.

When choosing your flight school it is very important to make sure that its equipment is kept in pristine condition in order to ensure a continuous and trouble-free training.