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Coptering, one of the best helicopters pilots schools in Spain, has been autorized to impart the helicopter’s pilot course ATPL-IR(H)

AESA, ( State air safety agency) is the responsable to grant authorization of aviation courses to pilot schools in the country. Likewise, Coptering,  one of the best helicopters pilots schools in Spain and of the best of europe, has been recently autorized to impart the máximum posible  licence to obtain on helicopters.

It is an important step for the company, the demand that exists in the market for this type of licenses grows exponentially.

Many students, once high school is finished, can opt for an exclusive form of the helicopter pilot career and obtain maximum license, something that at the time of being able to access the labor market has much more facility and possibilities of being able to find a future job .

Once the student had graduated, he obtains the Professional Pilot License, the instrumental flight rating, the MCC course, the AS355N rating and the approved ATPL (H) theory.

Coptering since it was founded, has been in continuous growth. Punctuate that a few months ago, acquire a flight simulator EC-135 FNTP II MCC  and was the first company in Spain to obtain Cabri G2, manufactured in France by Helicóptères Guimbal and distributed by Coptering. On the occasion of the arrival of the first Cabri G2 helicopter to Spain, Coptering organized a presentation attended by the mayor of Sabadell Joan Carles Sánchez, and the Counselor of Company and occupation of Generalitat de Catalunya Felip Puig.

Coptering is established in the Sabadell airport (province of Barcelona) Spain’s aeronautical cradle like Cuatrovientos airport in Madrid.

A very favorable factor is the weather in Barcelona that allows you to fly 330 days a year. This is a great advantage over other schools in the United Kingdom or Germany that offer the same qualifications as Coptering.

The students enjoy to a city like Barcelona on their free time, the best facilities and an aeronautical staff with extensive experience.

So far, there was no school in Catalonia that offered higher courses until Coptering was aproved by AESA, based in biturbines helicopters AIRBUS qualified for commercial air transport under the rules of instrumental flight.

The intention of Coptering is aimed at those students who would like to work as pilots in the biggest companies worldwide.

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