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Coptering obtains AESA approval, to teach the PBN course for instrumental pilotos IR(H)

Coptering recently has  been the first school in Spain to obtain the approval to teach PBN courses for instrumental Helicopter pilots.

It is very important to remember that (AESA) recalls  since 25 of August  2018, pilots with PBN ratings can fly according to performance-based navigation procedures (PBN route and / or approaches).

Pilots with instrument flight ratings without PBN ratings may only fly routes and approaches that do not require PBN allocations, and PBN elements will not be required for the renewal of their flight clearance until August 25, 2020, from that date, PBN ratings will be required to renew the IR(H) ratings.

The ways to obtain / recognize the attributions will be,  through an approved Training School (ATO) approved to provide PBN training or in the field of the operator previously recognized by the Licensing Division. to the Aeronautical Personnel of AESA. In this sense, Coptering is available to give advice to all those users that wish to take the PBN Course.

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