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Coptering is the only company in Spain offering the PBN Course for helicopter pilots

Recently, Coptering had been authorized to teach the Professional Helicopter Pilot course ATPL-IR (H) and now it has also been authorized by EASA to be able to teach the IR (H) Courses and the PBN Course.

Remember that these courses, are increasingly requested to work in large companies.

IR Course (H)

The objective of the modular flight training course IR (H) is to train pilots up to the level of competence necessary to operate helicopters in IFR and in IMC

PBN course

It is intended for pilots with Instrumental rating in multi-engine helicopters.

Last days to exercise the PBN attributions.

As EASA reminds in its release, pilots with IR who do not have the PBN approval will only be able to fly according to PBN procedures until August 25, 2018. From that date, they will no longer be able to perform said procedures and, starting of 2020, they will lose the IR rating if they have not completed the course.

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