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Coptering, Cabri G2 distributor in Sabadell

Coptering is a new initiative with 100% private capital, which is intended to mark a turning point in the current dynamics of aviation activity at the airport in Sabadell (Barcelona).

It is the first company dedicated to segment of rotary wing that is installed in the airport in the last decade, marking a major turnaround. Coptering born with a goal that encompasses not only the distribution of aircraft, but also the segment of aerial work and teaching.

The recovery of teaching so characteristic at Sabadell Airport is one of the lines of action of Coptering. The school activity will, however, focused on the helicopter pilots training only. An unprecedented expertise far in Sabadell.

We firmly believe that specialization leads to excellence, “said CEO Coptering and ATPL helicopter pilot, Daniel Carrillo, who added that” the field of helicopter aerial work has shown significantly more stable to the crisis than other segments with closer links to the transport of passengers or goods. We therefore consider that the growth of the helicopter sector will be particularly exponentially in the coming years, and will require pilots with a high level of training.

Coptering distributed in Spain the Cabri G2

Coptering has been appointed as the exclusive distributor for Spain helicopters French firm Guimbal. From their base at the airport in Sabadell, will market the innovative Cabri G2 helicopter.

The Cabri G2 also includes exceptional security features that make it the rotary wing aircraft more reliable at the moment. Including their high inertia main rotor, providing complete security for the practice of autorotation maneuvers.

The Cabri G2 is currently marketed in Lithuania, China, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Italy and Portugal among other countries, and accumulating the first units in service more than 2,000 flying hours. The first unit of Cabri G2 arrived to Spain by Coptering, in October.

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