Airbus plans to complete the first CityAirbus flight in March 2019

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Marius Bebesel, member of the Airbus Helicopters company, confirms that this March will complete the first urban mobility flight with the new CityAirbus. It is true that the presentation was expected by the end of 2018, but it had to be delayed due to some technical problems.

The 2.2-ton plane is completely electric, operating at 800 volts with four batteries.

«What we need is a vehicle to meet the requirements in a big city,» said Bebesel. «So, what we have done with CityAirbus is really to develop a dedicated electric vehicle to operate in an urban environment.»

CityAirbus is designed to carry four passengers, and the need to be able to do so was a key requirement of the project, said Bebesel. «We wanted to have some transport capacity because you need it to really have the right business case,» he said. «The approach we are following here is to be as efficient and as compact as possible, so the size of the CityAirbus is relatively compact.»

Will it be the transport of the future in the cities?

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