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Aerial Photography and Filming

Aerial Photography and Filming


In Coptering we work with the best professionals in the aerial photography and filming, aware of the advantages of our light helicopters Cabri G2 sector.​

Description and advantages of the work of photography and filming

Some of the features and benefits we offer while filming and photography in Coptering:

  • Low operating costs.
  • Low noise impact (75.7 dB) so much smaller than other helicopters commonly used (90 to 100 dB)
  • High Autonomy (up to 5h 40 minutes)
  • Cabri G2 has more space than helicopters commonly used, very important when there’s many film material.
  • More power and payload helicopters commonly used
  • High maneuverability, Fenestron very energetic when making sharp turns at low speed
  • Cabri G2 has increased the security of the helicopters commonly used, it has an anchoring system of four point safety belts that makes more safe the job of the photographer when we go without doors.


In Coptering we have an extensive experience in conducting aerial photography and filming with helicopters, providing technical and airborne standards for this type of work. You must fly without doors so no reflection or distortion can affect the image.

Customers Professional Photography and Aerial Filming
  • Professional photographers and cameras
  • Public and private television
  • Audiovisual Production
  • Sporting Events
  • Companies to promote your business or product
  • Advertising agencies
  • Builders and Promoters to track prospecting works and land
  • Large companies to control infrastructure
Private Customers Aerial Photography and Filming
  • Private property, especially houses and farmhouses with a large area in need of a complete view of the farm
  • Reports on private yachts and sailboats
  • Reports on private planes and helicopters
  • Large companies to control infrastructure


Coptering is a company specialized in helicopter flights and aerial works that uses light helicopters to meet the needs of the private market and the public sector. With our own fleet and a highly qualified professional team our commercial offer includes a wide list of services.