Aerial filming

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One of the most demanded tasks nowadays by the audiovisual production companies and the companies is the filming and aerial photography about cities. That is why in Coptering we have become specialists in this kind of aerial work with our own helicopter’s fleet.

The shots made from the air with an helicopter, offer you a different perspective than with any other means you can make.

The last works done by Coptering have been filming and photographing modernist buildings such as La Pedrera or La Basilica of La Sagrada Familia among others. Getting some great shots from the air very useful for any kind of video presentation, mural, photographic report …

Coptering has an Airbus AS355N Multi-engine Helicopter in property, as well as the aeronautical permits, of the AESA State Air Safety Agency, to make aerial filming with helicopter over cities and populated areas both day and night.

Coptering also has the latest technology and the most contrasted professionals in the management of gyrostabilized platforms. One of the gyro-stabilized platforms that we use is the Scorpio Ball.

The Scorpio Ball is a gyro-stabilized platform of last generation that allows a great possibility of configuration, different cameras and lenses at the request of the client.

It’s fully digital technology and the custom Giro Stabilizers, make this head is what allows to place HD cameras of all kinds (with fixed or zoom lenses) with a very precise stabilization and practically zero drift.

There is also the possibility of not using the gyro-stabilized camera and taking photographs and videos directly from the cabin with an experienced professional. In these cases, the flight can be carried out without a door in order to obtain the best plans.

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