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Nov 29, 2018 coptering 0 comments
Differences between the CPL (H) license and the ATPL (H)

Many are the students who come to Coptering and don’t know very well the differences between helicopter licenses CPL (H) and ATPL (H), we will make a short explanation about this differences. Let’s start by explaining the ATPL (H): Considered the maximum course for helicopter pilot, being able to take any kind of helicopter (multipilot […]

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Nov 19, 2018 coptering 0 comments
Coptering is the only company in Spain offering the PBN Course for helicopter pilots

Recently, Coptering had been authorized to teach the Professional Helicopter Pilot course ATPL-IR (H) and now it has also been authorized by EASA to be able to teach the IR (H) Courses and the PBN Course. Remember that these courses, are increasingly requested to work in large companies. IR Course (H) The objective of the […]

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Nov 15, 2018 coptering 0 comments
Coptering, one of the best helicopters pilots schools in Spain, has been autorized to impart the helicopter’s pilot course ATPL-IR(H)

AESA, ( State air safety agency) is the responsable to grant authorization of aviation courses to pilot schools in the country. Likewise, Coptering,  one of the best helicopters pilots schools in Spain and of the best of europe, has been recently autorized to impart the máximum posible  licence to obtain on helicopters. It is an […]

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