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Oct 29, 2018 coptering 0 comments
Would you like to be a private helicopter pilot or commercial pilot?

Today, being a helicopter pilot it´s highly demanded and when you accumulate a good number of hours is a highly payed job. But first of all let’s see the differences that there may be between being a private helicopter pilot or a commercial helicopter pilot. Private Pilot PPL (H) Being a private helicopter pilot means, […]

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Oct 10, 2018 coptering 0 comments
Coptering obtains AESA approval, to teach the PBN course for instrumental pilotos IR(H)

Coptering recently has  been the first school in Spain to obtain the approval to teach PBN courses for instrumental Helicopter pilots. It is very important to remember that (AESA) recalls  since 25 of August  2018, pilots with PBN ratings can fly according to performance-based navigation procedures (PBN route and / or approaches). Pilots with instrument flight […]

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