Night Flight Rating Course
It is aimed for pilots who want to train flying safely and efficiently under Visual Flight Rules in night conditions.

Night Flight Rating

Night Flight Rating Course
Course Description
The main objective of the course is to train aspiring to fly safely and efficiently under Visual Flight Rules at night conditions.


  • The applicants will have a PPL (H) licence actualized at least and have completed 100 hours as pilot in helicopters after the issue of the license, including at least 60 hours as a PIC on helicopters and 20 hours of flight cruise.


  • 4 working weeks

Theoretical Phase

  • 12 hours of theory lessons

Phase of Flight

  • 15 total hours of flight instruction
Course Outline
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In Coptering, we focus on training of future helicopter pilots, each one with a specific finality: from Air Baptisms, Cabri G2 Type Rating, Private Pilot PPL(H), Modular Commercial Pilot Licence CPL(H), Night Flight rating, Flight Instructor course FI, Mountain Flight Courses, External Load course, etc ...

Coptering has its main base in Sabadell Airport located 15 minutes from Barcelona