Mountain Flying Course
It is aimed for pilots interested in piloting helicopters through mountains and get more knowledge.

Mountain Flying

Mountain Flying Course
Course Description
With the mountain course, the pilot will learn everything related on mountain flight. The orography and changing weather conditions test pilot skills constantly and their knowledge's. Coptering teach you how to fly through mountains, taking into account the wind, thermals, mountain waves, density altitude, predict the weather or detect turbulent areas etc. Thus the pilot can get all the knowledge and skills to fly safely in mountainous areas.

Course Oultine
Other Courses
In Coptering, we focus on training of future helicopter pilots, each one with a specific finality: from Air Baptisms, Cabri G2 Type Rating, Private Pilot PPL(H), Modular Commercial Pilot Licence CPL(H), Night Flight rating, Flight Instructor course FI, Mountain Flight Courses, External Load course, etc ...

Coptering has its main base in Sabadell Airport located 15 minutes from Barcelona