"The Cabri G2 has an excellent safety combined with a high inertia main rotor and a low maintenance cost make the Cabri one of the best training helicopter"

Cabri G2 Specifications
The Cabri G2 helicopter is certified in compliance with EASA CS-27 and FAR-27. Has a high inertia 3 bladed main rotor with carbon fiber and Fenestron tail rotor. Excellent characteristics for autorotation, excellent security obtained in tests of impact combined with high inertia of the main rotor and low maintenance cost, make the Cabri one of the best training helicopters.
Cabri G2 Specifications  
Empty weight 420 kg
MTOW 700 kg
Payload 280 Kg
Vne (SL) speed not exceeding 130 kt (240 km/h)
Maximum speed 100% level (ISA sl) 100 kt (185 km/h)
Cruising speed 85% 90 kt (166 km/h)
Hover IGE (700 kg) 5000 ft
Hover IGE (2x77 kg + Motor fuel you 2 hrs) 7500 ft
Range 85% (15 min reserve) 380 NM (700 km)
Maximum flight time 50 kts (no reserve) 5 hours 40 minutes
Noise level at 100% Power (certified) 75,7 dB SEL
Maximum fuel capacity 170 liters (45 Gal EE.UU.)
Engine Lycoming O360-J2A
Maximum continuous power 145 hp

Coptering has its main base in Sabadell Airport located 15 minutes from Barcelona